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Why We Don’t Do The ‘New Year, New Me’ Thing

We don’t believe in the phrase ‘new year, new you’. ‘But you’re in the fitness industry?! Why not use it like everyone else?’. Because it implies that you are not good enough right now. Its one of those nasty tricks played on us by an industry that relies upon our insecurities to make money. We believe you already have everything you need to feel great! If it helps you to use this phrase, that’s fine too, it doesn’t make you a bad person to need that kind of motivation. We just don’t use it.

While it can be helpful to have a specific goal in mind when you’re making resolutions, we don’t think it’s helpful to use this phrase. The idea that January 1 is a magical date on which everything changes for the better and you should be starting anew is just too much pressure. It implies that you haven’t been working toward positive goals before now, or that you’re not good enough as you are. You don’t need to reinvent yourself at the start of every new year; all it takes is some simple adjustments to make your life a little happier and healthier.

Instead of thinking of resolutions as a new start, a time to try and look a certain way, we focus on the physical and mental health benefits of what we do best… Pole and aerial.

What do we mean by “health benefits of pole and aerial?”. We have found that our bodies react very positively to pole and aerial. The mental stimulation it gives us keeps us feeling young and alive, while the physical activity gives us more energy and flexibility than we would naturally possess. Pur disciplines also allow us to meet like-minded people who encourage us to keep going. We make friendships and positively mould our own view of our selves and our bodies.

We want you to be proud of yourself for what you can achieve, not what you look like.

We’ve tailored our schedule and prices to make them accessible so that you can have fun learning no matter your ability or budget. We have TONNES of beginners classes every week, so come on down and start doing something for YOU!

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