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Embark on an empowering journey with Inversion’s 6-week introductory courses in pole and aerial fitness for just £45! Kickstart your fitness goals with expert instructors guiding you through comprehensive lessons covering all foundational skills.

Designed especially for complete beginners, our courses are here to help build strength, flexibility, and confidence.


Embrace the thrill, master the basics, and redefine your fitness experience in just six weeks!


Scroll down to see testimonials from our students, dates, prices, what you will be learning and how to book.

Pole Fitness

Experience the joy of pole fitness – it’s like gymnastics, but with a delightful twist! Utilising a vertical metal pole, In this class, we focus on teaching you beautiful tricks and mesmerising flowing combinations, all aimed at enhancing your strength. Tricks and spins will be both floor based and on the pole. You wont be going too high just yet! It’s a fun and enjoyable alternative to traditional gym workouts that you won’t want to miss.

Aerial Hoop

Join the circus adventure and soar with the aerial hoop! Experience the enchanting world of graceful poses and tricks. This class offers a captivating physical and mental challenge that will elevate your balance, coordination, strength, and agility. The aerial hoop is suspended from a special mount in the ceiling and height can be adjusted as required. You will be preforming tricks under and within the hoop. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your skills to a new level!

Hammock & Silks

Aerial Silks & Hammock are circus arts that are both stunning and fantastic for your fitness levels. Think ‘The Greatest Showman’ but with more silliness and learning. Hammock utilises a single sling of fabric attached at two points, whereas silks utilises 2 separate lengths of fabric. Silks & Hammock are for those who aren’t afraid of a challenge. Both mentally stimulating as well as physically demanding they are the ultimate aerial skills!


Incredible friendly teachers, incredible studio and an incredible time! I cant recommend inversion enough for beginners and advanced polers and aerialists alike!!


So much fun! It doesn't feel like exercise, it's like a weekly meet up with a bunch of fab people


Honestly only have good things to say! I started as a complete beginner but felt so comfortable in class, there is such a friendly atmosphere and the teachers are amazing. I always look forward to lessons


Super friendly place, also lots and lots of fun! My upper body strength and posture has increased so much in just 5 weeks! I'm loving it


Joining was one of the best things I’ve done! Everyone’s sooo supportive and helpful.


Inversion is fantastic, the instructors are brilliant and have a laugh with you whist also pushing you to the best of your ability. Doing pole has made me so much more confident with my body after struggling for years.


Came as a nervous beginner with no fitness background what so ever. Everyone is so supportive and every class is a lot of fun! The instructors make you feel so welcomed and the atmosphere is just great!


Going to classes here is the best part of my day. The teachers are all so supportive and uplifting, the community and atmosphere has helped me with my confidence so much. A year ago I felt quite timid and unsure of myself, but now, not only am I more confident in my body but I have gained so much physical strength, I'm in the best shape I've ever been. My flexibility has also seen a dramatic improvement, one stretch class a week for 9 months got me flat splits! That's insane! Would so highly recommend, you'll not regret it at all


Amazing instructors - incredibly helpful and supportive, the community of fellow students are fun and every time I look forward to the lessons. 10/10 don't think I ever want to move studios!


I have been attending Inversion Pole Fitness for almost 2 years now and it has honestly become one of my favorite places to be! The staff couldn't be anymore supportive and welcoming, it feels like a mini family. I gave pole a try as something fun and it was so much better than I thought, I now also do pole dance. I have achieved so much more than I ever imagined and I am sure I will be around for many more years to come! I have already recommended classes to friends (who now also love it!) and would 100% recommend anyone to attend! All abilities, ages and people are welcome!


Honestly just amazing! It's so much fun (but super challenging) in such a supportive environment. The instructors are so so great and it's crazy how much my confidence and ability has grown in just a few months. Absolutely try it, you won't regret it!


Inversion is more than a studio; the community they have developed extends beyond pole and aerial. The whole ethos and values base of Inversion is one of inclusivity, and embracing diversity and difference. From the moment I stepped foot into their space I knew I had made the right decision. I was welcomed, as were all the students and we all were treated with the same respect, dignity and encouragement. I made lifelong friends from that first night. What’s more, My pole and fitness and flexibility has been enhanced beyond my wildest dreams.


I highly recommend Inversion Lancaster. They're such a welcoming and supportive community. Classes have such a lovely atmosphere, very supportive and encouraging. They provide a fun, safe, and welcoming environment for everyone to learn, evolve and progress. They are passionate and genuine teachers who love seeing their students achieve.


I have multiple health conditions which Inversion staff have gone above and beyond to understand and recognise my limitations. They are always ready with an adaption or alternative, or even just encouragement. I have tried various other fitness classes over the years and always struggled, feeling left behind and left out because sometimes, my body holds me back. That is something I have never experienced with Inversion. They are able to pride themselves on inclusion as that is what they do. Training with Inversion has helped me recognise and take pride in what I can do, instead of what I cannot.

Foundation Courses

What to expect

So… You are interested in learning a new skill. That’s amazing! The fact that you’re reading this right now tells us you’re at least intrigued. The best way to learn any aerial discipline is right at the start. We know the thought is scary, it was scary for all of us too when we started, but fear not! Inversion foundation courses are specifically designed for the new starter who wants to dip their toes in and make a few friends in the process.

Do you have to be strong to start? Hell no! while it can be helpful to have a strength from the get go, there is no need to hit the gym before you start learning to fly! At Inversion we have taught people of all ages and abilities. Some with no previous fitness background. As pole & aerial is a completely new skill, everyone starts off learning the same important foundational skills. Which builds strength & flexibility as you go.

Is there an age limit? Hell no! Age is just a number baby, dont believe us? You Should! We have students ranging from 8 through to the over 70s.

Do I need to be a size 6?! HELL NO! Inversion is a body positive environment, we aim to be as inclusive as we possibly can. We have every type of body there is at Inversion, so there is no need to feel self conscious (but we get it if you do, feel free to message us if you are nervous)

What do I wear? For pole disciplines it is advised that you wear shorts and a vest top. We know this isn’t everyone’s dream, but the exposed skin will help you with certain moves. If you feel uncomfortable you are welcome to wear leggings over shorts until you feel ready to take the leggings off. Everyone is in the same boat and you will be happily strutting around in pole-wear before you know it! For aerial disciplines the opposite is true, you want as much of your skin covered as possible! Not only to protect your skin but for hygiene reasons too. No one wants to wrap around a silk that has been rubbing on an exposed armpit.

Where is the studio? Our studio is based in Riverway House next to our ladies school. The address is Riverway House, Morecambe Road, Lancaster, LA12RX. When you arrive, come through the main door and call 103 on the intercom to be let in

Is there parking? Loads! we have ample free parking in a dedicated carpark at the studio with more than enough for everyone to park easily.

What will I learn? In our foundation courses, you will learn the basics of your chosen discipline, including how to grip the equipment, climb, spin, mount and perform basic moves with grace. You will learn about the different styles of aerial, and the health benefits of circus & pole disciplines.

Why should I choose Inversion? Our qualified, insured and highly experienced instructors will provide you with the support and guidance you need to succeed. They will teach you at your own pace and by the end of the 6 weeks, you will be able to perform basic moves with ease. You will feel stronger, fitter and more importantly, much more confident! Once you have completed the course you will also be able take part in any of our beginners & mixed level sessions without the stress of being in a mixed level class as a newbie!

Upon Completion of your 6 week course you will also receive a certificate of completion, hello bragging rights!

Price & Start Dates

All of our 6 week foundation courses are just £45 per person! That's Just £7.50 Per class. A brilliant saving and a great way to start. When you book, you are booking all 6 dates, the same day and time each week. Click the link below to see our full offering or scroll down to see the individual course dates and booking links

Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness

Thursday 25th April – 8.10pm

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop

No Upcoming Dates

Hammock & Silks

Hammock & Silks

No Upcoming Dates

Cant Make Those Dates?

We regularly release new dates for foundation courses, special events and workshops. If you want to be the first to hear, join our mailing list below.

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