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I don’t have any upper body strength, can I still do it?

Absolutely! We all start somewhere! Even Olympic athletes had to start right at the beginning. Strength isn’t something you need, but it is absolutely something you will gain here at Inversion.

Do you have to be super slim to do aerial arts?

No, not at all. Aerial arts is for everyone regardless of shape or size!

Am I too old to do aerial arts?

Definitely not. Here at Inversion, we firmly believe that there is no such thing as ‘too old’ for anything. Though ageing bodies may have different challenges, it doesn’t make them any less capable! It’s generally our minds that hold us back!

Do you need dance experience?

Another no! Our students and even instructors come from all walks of life. With the majority having no dance or fitness experience at all. Everything we offer here at Inversion is tailored to cater to the range of experience that our students have. We can always provide adaptations, progressions and regressions so that all levels are covered.

Do you need to be flexible?

There’s no doubt that flexibility may help with certain moves but you don’t need be flexible to start. There are plenty of moves that require little to no flexibility. But if you want to improve your flexibility, we can definitely help. We have a variety of stretch courses and workshops to help you with your flex journey.

What should I wear?

Something you can easily move in. For pole disciplines you will require as much skin on show as possible as we use our skin to grip the pole- so shorts and a vest top, ideally. For hoop, we ask that you cover your skin as much as possible, as the hoops are rough textured so it’s best to protect your skin. For stretch disciplines you should wear removable layers, with your limbs completely covered as you need heat to stretch safely!

Where can I find the timetable and price list?

All information regarding booking including pricing and class descriptions can be found on our online booking system, which is on the homepage and services page of our website.

How do I book classes?

Via our online Team Up booking system. You will firstly need to create a customer account and then complete a few mandatory health and consent forms before registering onto a course. If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I try out a class before I commit?

We offer drop in sessions in most of our classes. We even periodically have sale weeks where all of our classes are offered at an extremely reduced rate so that you can trial all that we offer.

What will I gain from attending an aerial arts class?

Confidence, friendships, strength, accomplishment, flexibility, ENJOYMENT and so much more!!

Why should I choose Inversion Pole Fitness?

Our focus is always about YOU! We want to help you become everything that you can be and achieve things you thought were impossible. Our main aim for Inversion is to create a space that centres around empowerment, wellness and connection.