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Studio Extras

Hey there! Welcome to our Studio’s Extra Offerings! Apart from our brilliant group classes, we’re all about giving you that little bit more through other optional extras that help you stay fit, track your progress and get that personal touch. Dive in and discover these special services crafted just for you, to take your pole and aerial fitness journey to the next level!



Group classes are fab, but sometimes a private lesson is what you need to either gain some confidence or work on that tricky move you cant quite nail. At Inversion all of our instructors offer private tuition for 1- 4 people. Prices range from £35-£95 for one hour depending on the instructor and number of participants. Many of our instructors also offer block booking discounts so you can save when booking more sessions in one go.

How to book:

To book, you can contact your preferred instructor directly via their social channels. Alternatively, if you are unsure of who is best suited to you or you haven’t come to us before, feel free to contact the us using the chat box, social media or email. All of which can be found on the contact page of this website.



Unlock your peak performance with Flexpert Sports Therapy our in house sports therapist! Jess specialises in helping athletes improve performance and Injury Rehabilitation, as well as posture, joint & movement assessments and treatment. As a co-owner of Inversion, Jess brings a unique blend of expertise from a pole, aerial, contortion and sports coaching backgrounds.

Prices range from £30-£50 (45-90 Minutes). and can be booked below.

How To Book

To book,  click this link and select a suitable time. If the times slots available don’t suit you, dont worry! Contact jess directly on social media or email ( to see if another time may be suitable. The times shown on her regular schedule reflect times we can guarantee the space is available each week and is not exhaustive.



Ready to document your amazing journey? We are incredibly lucky to have the amazing Lollipop & Lenses working with our studio to offer regular photoshoot days!

For just £60 per person, you’ll get 30 minutes with Lucy, our awesome photographer, plus four edited images. Want more? Each extra edit is just £10!

Can’t wait for our next shoot day? No worries! Lucy also offers solo sessions at her cozy home studio in Tyldesley. It’s just £75 for 30 minutes and five edits. Bring a buddy, and enjoy a sweet discount on an hour-long session!

How to Book:
– Keep an eye on our socials for upcoming shoot days.
– For solo photoshoots outside of our regular schedule. Reach out to Lucy directly on Instagram [@lollipopandlenses]( or via email ( to book