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New Membership Options!

New Membership Options at Inversion Pole & Aerial Fitness

We are excited to announce new membership options at Inversion Pole & Aerial Fitness! These new options are designed to make it cheaper & easier for you to get the most out of your classes.

Our new membership options:

  • Bronze – Members receive 5 new unrestricted credits per month. The credits can be used on ANY Adult inversion weekly class with zero restrictions. You will also have up to 60 days to use your credits! In addition you will have access to Members only events.
  • Silver – Members receive everything bronze members do plus 5 additional credits (10 total) AND 10% Discount on all workshops
  • Gold – Members receive all benefits in the previous tiers plus 5 MORE credits (15 in total) plus 10% Discount on treatments with Flexpert Sports Therapy
  • Platinum – Members have the ultimate form of membership! All of the benefits of previous tiers, UNLIMITED classes each month AND £25 off full price on Inversion Pole & Aerial Retreats

Of course our ever popular class passes are still available, but for those of you who like more bang for your buck, this is going to be a game changer!

To join Inversion Pole & Aerial Fitness, book online here or contact us via our social media profiles or email (below) to talk about your options, we are always happy to chat and find the right class, teacher or membership for you.

See you soon!

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