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What Are The Benefits Of Pole & Aerial?

Have you ever wanted to try Pole & Aerial?

We know it’s a scary thought, but trust us—it’s worth it! Pole & Aerial is a great way to get fit without feeling like you’re at the gym. We have a ton of students from all walks of life who have never danced before and have fallen in love with the disciplines. It’s not just about getting fit: there are so many physical and mental benefits that come from pole & aerial dancing. So what are they?

The benefits are both physical and mental. As your muscles get stronger, your metabolism speeds up & your sleep improves. Prepare to feel more energetic.

Body confidence, body awareness and balance all increase as you learn to trust yourself and work within your own range of motion. You’ll get more flexible, too!

It’s also great for fitness: body disciplines are excellent cardio workouts that increases endorphins (which help you feel happy!) and keeps your heart healthy.

As we age, keeping moving helps to keep bones strong and helps us stay functional for longer. You’ll be able to do things with ease that would have been impossible before you started!

Mental health benefits are even greater than the physical benefits! As we get further into our journey, we learn to not only trust our body but also appreciate it for what it can do rather than what it looks like. Your body confidence sky rockets! Pair this with the goal orientated nature of the disciplines and sense of community within the studio—these disciplines are life changing!

But the best part about pole & aerial with Inversion? You don’t need any special equipment or high fitness levels to get started—just grab some comfortable clothes and go! Trust us, you wont regret it.