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Image Cella Photoshoot

We are SUPER excited to announce that Simon from the Image Cella is coming back at Inversion in February 2023!

This photoshoot is another of his highly sought after Gel Lighting Shoots!! If you haven’t yet had a shoot with Simon, he is an amazingly talented and highly experienced photographer who specialises in pole and aerial photography. He will make you feel at ease during the session and is incredible at giving direction. He really knows how to capture the best angles for pole and aerial tricks, which is reflected in the stunning images that he delivers.

The photoshoot is open to both those who are Inversion students and those who are not. The dates are 18th February for Pole and Lollipop shoots and 19th February for Aerial shoots. Each slot includes 30 minutes shooting time along with FIVE edited images for £105. Additional images can be purchased directly from Simon for £15 per image.

Please note that payments are transferable but non refundable! So if you can no longer attend, you can sell on your space but that will be your responsibility.

Pole Photoshoot Saturday 18th Feb: Book Pole / Lolli Shoot
Aerial Photoshoot Sunday 19th Feb: Book Aerial Shoot