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I'm Wanda

I am a pole (and occasionally burlesque!) instructor at Inversion. I’ve been with the school since 2018 when I joined as a student and started pole, even though I’ve jumped around a few different studios along my journey.

I have a dance background, but took an extended break until I began taking pole classes in my hometown of Liverpool and then continued them when I moved to Lancaster for university.

When I started pole, I was so nervous about coming back into a “dance sphere” with a different body type but got over that fear with inclusive studios and then I was absolutely hooked! Since then, I have performed in revolutionary shows with brands such as Hoodlum Fang, Cybertease, and Sexquisite, and even competed in the occasional competition from beginner to professional level!

Aside from pole, I work heavily with the sex worker community to deliver community support and heavily advocate for the inclusion of sex workers in pole practices in the studio- none of that #notastripper rubbish over here! Since becoming an instructor, my focus has always been catering to as many bodies as possible and focusing on enjoyment over achievement! Everybody’s bodies are so different, so it’s clear we aren’t all going to achieve everything at the same time! If you leave class having improved your mindset and maintained a skill, that’s banging! It is still an improvement even if the move itself hasn’t improved.

I also thrive on finding alternative entries into moves for people: I am the QUEEN of a side climb because of how many alternative entries I use compared to conventional pole standards. My goal is to make you leave with a smile and starting to believe you are the BEST (even if you’re slightly sweaty!) The main skills I teach are; pole fitness, pole dance & burlesque.