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I'm Nikolett

I’m Niki and I had my first pole fitness class in 2016 with Inversion Pole Fitness. I fell in love with pole quickly and a half year later I also took up aerial hoop and silks training and I started working on my flexibility. Starting pole and aerial was probably the best decision I’ve ever made – they completely changed my life by changing the way I think about my body for the better.

I started pole and aerial with very little flexibility and upper body strength and I didn’t know if I could ever get good at them – but I’ve learned that I’m capable of much more than I’ve ever imagined, I just need to work hard to make my wildest dreams come true. Recently I’ve been focusing a lot more on aerial training, mainly aerial hoop and silks, but I’m also having a lot of fun learning aerial rope and hammock and I have some experience with trapeze as well. I’m also obsessed with flexibility/contortion training, especially working on my active flexibility to become strong and bendy.

When I’m not hanging upside down or trying to turn myself into a pretzel, I enjoy practicing acro balance with my partner, going for a run or doing belly dancing.