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I'm Leah

Hi my name is Leah, aka Martini Mash and I teach aerial hoop at Inversion Pole and Aerial Fitness. I started my aerial journey by first learning pole fitness back in 2017. I was hooked straight away absolutely loving what it was doing for my fitness and my overall confidence.
I then started to learn aerial hoop in 2018 and it was like something clicked and I found my love and passion. This then transitioned into becoming a teaching assistant for aerial hoop whilst I was taking my beginner aerial hoop teaching course with Spin City. This took a year and I finally passed in April 2020.
I have loved teaching new students and seeing their faces light up when they get move or pose they have been working on. I always try to make my classes fun and full of positive energy whether I’m teaching kids or adults I always want people to walk away from the lesson having had fun.