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I'm Kat

I started pole in 2018 with Edinburgh University Pole Dance Society and although I did ballet lessons and such as a kid, I never considered myself a dancer until I found pole – and I haven’t stopped wiggling, waving, twirling, hair flicking and dancing since.

I’ve competed in university competitions at Regional, Scottish and National levels and placed in first in Intermediate (Northern Regionals – NUPDC 2022), first in Group (Nationals – IUPDC 2022) and second in Doubles (Northern Regionals – NVP 2023). What I’ve loved more, is the shows I’ve done that have let me share my movement with the best audiences across Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Lancaster stages, as well as at Kick Boxing events and sharing the stage with a Jazz Band. I’ve also performed at fire festivals (Samhain and Beltane), both as a fire spinner and burlesque LED performer, where the circus arts really mix!