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I'm Lucy

Lucy is the owner and head instructor at Inversion Pole Fitness. She has been pole dancing for fun and fitness ever since she attended a 6 week beginners pole course back in 2006. It was through this introduction to pole dancing that she became captivated by the sport and continued to teach herself to an advanced level.

She decided to create Inversion Pole Fitness so she could share her pole dancing passion and experience with others and to enable her students to develop the strength and confidence that she has acquired through the art of pole dancing.

Lucy is first aid qualified, holds public liability and professional indemnity insurance and is a certified Xpert Pole Fitness Instructor.

Lucy has taught thousands of pole and aerial classes and dance parties over the last 10 years and has trained with elite pole dancers:

  • Jenyne Butterfly (US Pole Dance Federation Champion 2009),
  • Oona Kivela (Ultimate Champion- International Pole Championships 2012.)
  • Jess Leanne Norris (Miss Pole Dance UK 2011)
  • Daniel Rosen (UKPPC Professional category winner)
  • Karol Helms (USPDF Miss Sexy 2010).
  • Felicity Logan (Miss Pole Dance UK 2012, 2013 Second place)
  • And Amy Guion

received private tuition from:

  • Bendy Kate (World Pole Sport and Fitness Champion 2014 and Got to Dance semi finalist)
  • Sarah Scott (Miss Pole Dance UK 2012)
  • and Kirsty Griffiths (British Pole Superstar Professional Champion 2013)

and has attended flexibility master classes and training sessions with:

  • Jenyne Butterfly
  • Deb Riley- Four hour Intensive training
  • Felicity Logan- Contortion training
  • Bendy Kate
  • Jess Leanne Norris
  • Lauren Chambers
  • Hannah Finn

She has also completed an Aerial Hoop Instructor course with Spin City Pole Fitness (A fully recognised course approved by REPs and Skills Active) alongside a Stretching for Pole and Aerial qualification again with Spin City.

Lucy is known for her ‘strength’ pole moves and has been invited by other pole instructors around the country to offer strength, handsprings and deadlifts workshops. However her new found love is Lollipop Lyra which is a new discipline incorporating both pole and aerial hoop in one apparatus. She is currently developing a Lollipop syllabus alongside teaching various workshops both online and in person around the UK. 

She has taught pole and aerial workshops at various events such as:

  • The Manchester Aerial and Acrobatics Convention (MAAC and MAACtober)
  • Stockport Aerial Arts Convention (STACC)
  • Lovefit Festival 
  • Flovibe Festival 
  • Play Festival 

And performed at:

  • Lovefit Festival 
  • Flovibe Festival
  • Glastonbury Festival