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I'm Jess

Aka Gingie and I am the Studio Manager and Head Instructor at Inversion. I’ve been with the school since 2014 when I joined as a student. I have always been a dancer, however my aerial journey began when I attended university where I studied Dance and Drama with aerial performance. I fell in love! Though I am now known as the slinky, splitty pole dancer I was back then more of a silks girl! (Silks Still has a place in my heart). Since then I have trained with industry leaders in aerial, wired aerial theatre, performed with artists such as ‘Years and Years’ and ‘Clean Bandit’  and gained several qualifications for instruction and anatomy. I have competed in several competitions at semipro level and placed both 2nd & 3rd, even bagging a special award ‘Strippers Choice’ for the most authentic performance in the category. I have trained thousands of students at this point, many of my own students going on to be instructors and studio owners themselves! In fact, almost all pole dance and aerial teachers in the area can be traced back to me. (Im a pole grandma!)

My drive as a teacher has always been to help my students feel GOOD. If you have achieved a move you wanted, managed that routine you thought you wouldn’t, got into your splits finally, that’s brilliant! But, if you leave my class feeling great then that is fantastic! Confidence and empowerment is the aim here at Inversion, sure I can help you get fit but I really want to help you find yourself and be unapologetically you.


The main skills I teach are; pole fitness, pole dance & aerial silks.