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I'm Anni

I started my pole adventure in late 2015 – as a more ‘mature’ gal (in body not in mind) I had wanted to try it for a while but thought oh I can’t do that! I am far too old! I’m too weak! I will look ridiculous! I will be rubbish! I couldn’t even climb a rope when we did sports at school. I had no dance, gymnastic, fitness or sports experience/background and my back was like a plank of wood. Plus I was waaaayy older than the usual beginner pole student!

My friend who trains in Manchester encouraged me and told me to try Inversion out. So off I went on a cold November evening – I walked in feeling very nervous but I was immediately made to feel welcome and included – and so it began! I fell in love with pole and the community it offered right there and then,

In the five years since then I have achieved things I never thought possible – I decided to have a go at competing and this has proved to be amazing – I just love the buzz of being on stage! I love pushing myself and the challenges that competition training brings. My competition journey began in 2017:

1st place Novice Sport Supreme Pole Showdown 2017

1st place JLN Pole Championships – Intermediate, 2017

1st place Lincolnshire Pole Championships – Intermediate Experienced, 2018

1st place British Pole Superstar (BPSC) Amateur (Intermediate) 2018

Runner Up British Pole Superstar (BPSC) Champion of Champions competition 2019

I have done workshops and trained with lots of different instructors and have been on two Pole Camps (Gran Canaria & Mallorca). I am a proud Brand Athlete/Ambassador for Polehog. None of this would have happened without that first step into classes with Inversion.

In my pole and contortion practice I am currently working on Contortion Scorpio, Fairy Split, perfecting my needlescale and my upper back and shoulder flexibility.

I have worked super hard on my flexibility and this is helping me to achieve some of my dream advanced pole moves and contortion poses off the pole too. I am so interested in the way bodies function and the amazing things that our bodies are capable of regardless of who we are, our age or our previous ability. I have a qualification in aromatherapy and Swedish body massage (and am planning further updates to my practice in these fields) and I hold a current nursing registration and a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and I wanted to do some study around flexibility and stretch techniques along with prehab and rehab to complement my own knowledge and practice.

I am proud to say in June of this year (2020) I successfully passed an intensive course with Bendy Kate and as a result I am Advanced Stretching Technique Instructor Certified. 

Following this I was really proud to have been asked to join Inversion as an instructor. I am planning to run sessions which promote flexibility and stability in stretching along with prehab and rehab for injury prevention and to help your  preparation for all those bendy pole and hoop moves. Don’t worry though if you are not a poler or aerialist – the sessions will help to improve your overall mobility and flexibility too.

In August I will be studying a course in Trigger Point Pilates and I am so excited that I will be able to include this in my sessions with you soon.

I was that person who said I can’t do that, I am too old, I am too weak, I will look ridiculous – but I wasn’t – I just had to take that first step and try – and the Inversion Team were there encouraging and supporting and the team will be with you too – every step of the way. 

Ps I am 55!