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I'm Sharna

Sharna attended her first Pole Fitness and Stretch and Flexibility classes in June 2017. Since then Sharna has trained with and since become an instructor for Inversion Pole Fitness Lancaster, she also trained with Lancaster University Pole Fitness Society joining their exec in her final year at university, as well as taking workshops with industry leaders such as Bendy Kate, Dan Rosen, Damian Kutryb, Heidi Coker, Jess Leanne Norris, Bianca Bi, Heidi Hildersley & more. In addition to Pole and Flexibility training, she has also trained in other Aerial Arts such as Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks.
Sharna has been stretching and improving her flexibility for nearly 3 years and now specialises in flexibility both on off the pole, if it’s not Bendy, she’s not interested! She adores anything splitty and/or back bendy (especially if it’s both). Despite the fact she has no gymnastics or dance background and flexibility certainly didn’t come naturally, she has gained a wealth of knowledge with regards to different techniques which can improve your flexibility on and off the pole. She loves helping other people achieve their flexibility goals too.