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Mixed Ability Aerial Hoop

Run away with the circus! Aerial hoop is all about those elegant poses and adrenaline inducing tricks. A Physical and mental challenge all in one, Improving your balance, coordination, strength  and agility in this one of a kind fitness class.

Circus vibes

Elegant poses

Adrenaline inducing tricks

Physical and mental challenge

Improve balance and coordination

Improve strength and agility


Charlotte Simpson

Aka, Misty Meaner. I am an aerial instructor at Inversion. Having no previous background in dance or gymnastics I joined Inversion in 2017 starting my journey with pole fitness before moving onto pole dance and aerial. When I’m not making shapes in the hoop you can find me slinking around in a pair of heels and I’m constantly looking for ways to combine the two. I’m in the process of training to be a PT and have qualifications in Mental Health Awareness. In my spare time you can find me smashing my PB in the gym, geeking out over video games and attending rock festivals. My main focus is to empower, instil confidence and encourage strong minds as well as strong bodies.

Lorna Burton

I’ve worked for inversion since July 2019, teaching aerial hoop, aerial skills, pole fitness and stretch. I have been a dancer my whole life, which will always be my first love within the performance world. My passion for the aerial arts started during university where I gained a first class honours degree in Dance and Drama with Aerial Performance and it was during that time where I met Lucy and was introduced to the Inversion family. Since then I have worked away on a dance contract, gained various instructor qualifications and started my journey as an aerial instructor. Now I couldn’t do anything else. My teaching qualifications include; Aerial hoop, Aerial silks, Pole fitness, Children’s aerial & pole fitness, IDTA pre-associate freestyle dance teacher, Anatomy & physiology applied to aerial arts, First aid with the Red Cross and Full DBS checked

Event Hours(1)

  • Tuesday

    19.00 - 19.45