Pole Dance Grading

156082_497512186974156_590461764_nSo you have decided would like some recognition for your all your hard work and dedication. The PDC Pole Dance Grading system is the perfect way to chart your pole dancing progression, create new goals and promote pole dancing to your friends and family. PDC Pole Dance Gradings not only recognise your hard work but they also help to acknowledge the efforts of your instructor

1. To grade, Firstly you need to purchase a Pole Dance Community AAP membership which can be done through your instructor Lucy. Your AAP membership allows you to partake in gradings and provides you with regular updates from the PDC as well as special members discounts.

2. Plan your grading. Decide which level of the PDC Syllabus is the most appropriate for you. You can discuss this with your instructor to determine which level you are working at. Don’t rush to achieve higher gradings, work through the lower levels and learn safely at your own pace. Pick your 10 chosen moves from your preferred level.

3. Book your Grading Exam. Your exam can be taken at your dance studio. To do this you will need to book a private session with your instructor. Within this cost you will receive a certificate on completion and written feedback. If you have a pole at home you may want to submit a filmed online grading, however, you will need to pay for your grading and certificate through the PDC.

There are four parts to your grading exam:

1. You need to demonstrate a warm up that is suitable for your moves and level.
2. Execute your 10 moves in isolation.
3. Demonstrate the same 10 moves contained within a routine.
4. Finally you need to demonstrate a cool down element that reflects the moves you have performed in your grading.

Pole Dance Gradings