Customer Testimonials

Still a little unsure as to whether Inversion Pole Fitness is the place for you?! Here are some customer testimonials that have been left on the school Facebook Page:

“I started classes with the worst upper body strength of anyone I know and being too scared to take both my feet off the ground, and thanks to Lucy’s brilliant instruction (and when it comes to teaching me, incredible patience!!) I can now happily and confidently do loads of different spins and combos, and certain moves using one hand or sometimes even no hands at all! I never in a million years thought I would be able to do impressive-looking spins on the pole, never mind gracefully, but Lucy’s lessons have enabled me to progress at my own pace and gradually build up the strength to do so. I can’t recommend Lucy and her classes highly enough, she is an amazingly talented and inspiring teacher and will help you to achieve things that you are really proud of.” Kate Olley- Pole Student

“Lucy is an absolutely incredible teacher, very supportive and just genuinely lovely! Pole is SUCH FUN! And everyone should give it a go- you meet lots of great people, you get fit and it gives you a few cheeky moves for when you’re in the clubs. So definitely try it is AMAZING” Charlotte Dwyer- Pole Student

“As my second pole fitness instructor Lucy had a lot to live up to, but she has more than exceeded my initial expectations! Lucy is a friendly, patient teacher who teaches classes at the right pace- not too slow to become bored, and not too fast to risk injury. With Lucy’s help I have recently managed to complete PDC grading, something I thought was out of my capability! Not only is Lucy a phenomenal dancer, she puts you completely at ease during lessons. I will be gutted to leave Inversion Pole Fitness when I finish university!” Sam Orpin- Pole Student

“I took up Pole as a fitness junkie looking to challenge myself in new ways. The sport in of itself is highly addictive and has supplemented my other activities through increasing upper body/core strength as well as furthering my flexibility. Lucy is a brilliant teacher: she is supportive, inspirational and the positive atmosphere in her classes allows you to become confident in your ability. Progression is evident in every class so you leave feeling motivated each week and excited to go back the next week to learn more. Thanks for a great experience Lucy!” Eve Donkin-Annable- Pole Student

“I have had the pleasure of being taught by Lucy in group classes as well as one on one. She is incredibly motivational and inspirational. Her encouragement makes you want to try harder and go beyond your best! Classes are really fun and you always feel like you have come out having accomplished something you wouldn’t have dreamed of trying before you went in!” Sarah Smith- Pole Student