Pole Fitness

Pole 3 (3)Price: £40 for 5 week course (or £35 for students)
Drop in/ Pay as you go: £10 per class (£9 students)

During the 5 week beginner’s pole fitness course, you will learn a variety of simple spins, dance moves, transitions, climbs, sitting poses and strength exercises to prep you for a basic invert. Courses are designed to ensure that students develop their pole dancing skills on both a static and a spinning pole and are tailored to ensure that strength, flexibility and confidence is developed week on week. It is recommended that you enrol onto a number of beginner courses to help build strength and confidence before moving up to an intermediate level.

Course start dates for Ormskirk:

-Monday 12th June

-Monday 17th July

Course start dates for Lancaster

-Monday 28th August

Courses run for 5 weeks and classes are an hour long. Courses run back to back, so if you wish to continue your classes, you can choose to either move onto the next level which will progress in difficulty and offer a new selection of moves or repeat the course again to build strength and perfect moves further.

To book head to Online Booking or for more info please use the Contact page or call/text Lucy on 07806259353.

Venue Address for Ormskirk:

Base Dance Academy, Malthouse Business Centre, 48 Southport Rd, Ormskirk L39 1QR

Venue Address for Lancaster:

The Yorkshire House, 2 Parliament St, Lancaster LA1 1DB