Pole Fitness

Pole 3 (3)Pole fitness is an extension of pole dancing that uses the pole as a versatile piece of fitness apparatus. Pole fitness is a fun, although intense, whole body workout which helps to improve muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, posture and upper body and core strength. It is a combination of other workouts such as gymnastics, calisthenics and aerial. On this course you will learn the fundamentals of pole fitness including beginner spins, climbs, poses and holds and then work towards linking them together to form combinations to build your strength and stamina. Classes include a professional warm up/cool down, and a variety of strength and conditioning exercises to help boost your performance during the class and build your confidence in your new workout!

Courses run for 5 weeks and each class is an hour long. Courses run back to back, so if you wish to continue your learning, you can choose to either move onto the next level which will progress in difficulty and offer a new selection of moves or repeat the same course again to build strength and perfect moves further.

No dance, gym or sports experience is needed to participate in pole fitness. There are also no height/weight/body type restrictions, although if you have a health problem or disability please let your instructor know before your first class so they can cater to your needs. All new students must fill out a health questionnaire prior to attending their first class using the booking system website.

To book onto a course or class please head to Online Booking or if require more info please use the Contact page or call/text Lucy on 07806259353.