Base Dance Academy

Base Dance Academy is located on Southport Road in Malthouse Business Park (Address at bottom of page). Our classes take place upstairs in studio 1, the largest room in the facility. The room has spring loaded floors for softer landings and full height mirrors on the walls. We have 6 poles in use during our pole classes, which comprise of two 50mm x-pert poles, two 45mm x-pert poles, one 40mm x-pert pole (great for those with small hands) and one 45mm freestanding x-stage lite, alongside four 6 inch professional crash mats. All poles have static and spinning function and there will never be more than 3 students sharing a pole at one time.


There is free parking available onsite at Base Dance Academy

Public transport

Train: The nearest train station is Ormskirk train station, which is approx 7 minutes walk from Base Dance Academy.