Aerial Silks

535162_10156349322075433_6994386192340595093_nAerial Silks is a beautiful circus-based form of fitness in which the student uses two long pieces of silk (or tissu fabric) to perform acrobatics whilst suspended in the air via special rigging. It provides the perfect platform to create an endless variety of poses, transitions and routines that will help to sculpt your body whilst increasing flexibility, strength and balance. Over the 5 weeks you will learn how to climb, perform foot locks, poses, turns, tricks and various hangs in the fabric. Strength training will also be included in the hour long class, focusing on core and lower abs, alongside a warm up and cool down stretch to improve overall body flexibility.

Courses run for 5 weeks and classes are an hour long. Courses run back to back, so if you wish to continue you can choose to either move onto the next level which will progress in difficulty and offer a new selection of moves or repeat the same course to build strength and perfect moves.

To book please use Online Booking or for more details please use the Contact Us page or call/text Lucy on 07806259353.