Aerial Hoop

Hoop 4 (5)Aerial Hoop is a fabulous circus apparatus in which the student learns beautiful manoeuvres and shapes whilst suspended in the air in a large metal ring. It provides the perfect frame for an endless variety of balances, transitions and routines that will help to sculpt your body whilst increasing flexibility, strength and confidence. Inversion’s beginners aerial hoop courses are suitable for complete beginners or for those who are just learning and perfecting the basics. No level of fitness is required. Over the 5 weeks you will learn how to mount the hoop, dismount the hoop alongside the basic positions and transitions.

Courses run for 5 weeks and classes are an hour long. Courses run back to back, so if you wish to continue you can choose to either move onto the next level which will progress in difficulty and offer a new selection of moves or repeat the same course to build strength and perfect moves.

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